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Mechanical meltdown

April 15th, 2007

First off,…I want to thank my family and friends who made the trek to Arizona to support me.  I am SOOOOOO lucky to have such great people helping me.  We had a great week in Arizona, and everything was perfect for race day!  

All in all, today’s Ironman experience will be chalked up as a character builder.  A ‘fatal’ problem happened at the beginning of the bike – the metal buckle that is used to tightened my shoe fractured.  This effectively made the strap useless, making it impossible for me to generate force by ‘pulling up’ in the pedal stroke.

Despite this, I decided to give the bike a go anyways.  I wanted to see if I could still pull off a decent bike time,…then test my legs on the marathon – I thought that there might be still hope to bring myself to good position.  Despite my best efforts, the simple truth (that I refused to believe at the time) was that my pedal stroke was not efficient nor effective.  Halfway through the marathon I decided to pull the plug,…I’ll rest up my legs, recover, and regroup for the next race.

Pre-race talk with Allison.


The best support, cheerers I could ever hope for!

Curry in a Hurry

T1, when my troubles happened.

Broken cycling shoe

Allison with my coach Peter Reid.

Peter and Allison

Making the most of the situation.

No shoe strap

Somewhere between mile 0 and 13.

Running at IMAZ

Pete really helped me feel good about the day.  His experience and knowledge of similar things happening to other pros put things in perspective and kept things objective.

Can't win 'em all

I was so happy for my good friend Jonathan Caron.  It was his first time breaking 9hours!  He finished in a time of 8:50:56,…in 6th place.  Congrats Jonnie!

Scott and Johnny

Best!  Thanks everyone!