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Training update

May 4th, 2007

Somewhat disappointed in my last few triathlon swims, and with the go ahead from Peter to work on my swimming more, I’ve been jumping in the pool with the big boys.  The Calgary Dinos swim program has 2 main groups,…two different levels — one that is super fast, and the other which is super duper fast.  I feel like the only way to swim fast is to train with the best,…right?  So I’ve been swimming with the super duper fast swimmers, and I think it’s paying off, as I’ve noticed a notable boost in my swim speed as of late.

My normal lane buddy, Jarrod who is Canada’s top open water swimmer (and Bejing Olympic hopeful) didn’t show up to practice this morning on account of a repetitive overuse shoulder strain (perhaps the 22km of swimming on friday added up with the other 10km he did Saturday morning).  So I had to settle swimming with another sub 16min 1500m swimmer, Willie D.

I felt great today,…every workout with the super duper fast group has a band-only component – and it’s starting to click with me.

400m swim on 6:30, 8×50 on :50 alternate back/free

2x200m IM on 3:15, 4×100 on 1:30

8×50 kick/swim with fins on :45, 400m swim with snorkel, and fins

2x[3x100m on 1:35, 10x50m with band-only with 3 on :50, 2 on:40]

3×400 descend on 5:40 for first, then last 2 on 5:20,…(my times were 5:05, 5:00, 4:50)

That’s a wrap!