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Video Analysis

May 7th, 2007

This morning, at the Dinos team swim practice I had an underwater video taken of my freestyle swim.  It was really good to see as there were a couple things that I THOUGHT I was doing right, but really wasn’t.  I learned that the front end of my stroke needs to start the catch earlier – as there is a dead spot in my stroke where I have both my arms extended (one behind, one ahead) without generating or maintaining momentum or speed.  I’m also dropping my lead arm’s shoulder at the end of the catch.  Further, my head’s too high (which drops my hips; for every 1 inch the head is raised, the hips are lowered by 3!), and my core is not stabilizing my body enough such that there is some side to side bending/sway in my body (or also called fishtailing).  I’ll be posting the video as soon as I get it transferred onto my computer, so you can heckle at free will.