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Loving swimming

May 9th, 2007

I had a great swim today.  Things are coming together well with a few tweaks in technique since the video analysis.  Today the assistant coach commented today that I ‘fit right in’.  This was an impactful statement as the 2 guys I was swimming with were both sub 16 minute 1500m kind of swimmers,…one guy has done a 15:51, and the other did a 15:42 this year.  This was the first practice with the Dinos that a) I finished the entire workout (6100m), and b) I kept myself from being lapped!  

300m swim, 8x50m kick on :60

300m pull, 4×100 swim on 1:45, 6kicks off wall 1-3, 4th = 10kicks underwater/fast

300m swim, 2×200 IM on 3:20

2x500m pull on 6:45

10x100m BAND ONLY on 1:30.  I did it!!!! was surprised and happy,….coming in on 1:25.

2x500m pull on 6:45

5x200m pull on 3:00