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September 6th, 2007

Initially expecting to call it a year after IMC, I’ve discussed with PR the possibility of racing IM-Florida in November. Given that I still have some fight in this body and mind of mine, I was excited when we solidified plans to go ahead and do it. So we’re set for another build, and I can hardly wait. PR is super smart with knowing when and how to build, so I’m glad I have him working the plan.

PR discussed with me a number of things that he wants me to change leading into this next phase; things that he was able to identify well while watching me race IMC. Best yet, he told me how to go about these changes – one being on the topic of cadence. I have a bad habit of mashing my gears, something that I’m committing to change forever (my old coach Adam Johnson from the Endurance Lab will be happy – this was something Adam was trying to make me change for the longest time; Adam is a great coach, the more I work with Pete, the more I hear Adam’s voice in the back of my head saying, “I told you so!”). I feel fortunate that PR is frank yet honest with me, and I appreciate that the information he gives me is always solid and well founded. I’m looking forward to the upcoming positive progression.

Now it’s easy training time; just getting back to a little exercise,…now, on a different note, here’s some scary yet amusing vids: