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That time of year

September 12th, 2007

One difference between Ontario and Alberta, is that there is a pronounced and distinct 4 change of seasons in Ontario whereas in Alberta there is not. In Calgary, we’re losing our daylight hours fast,…and our warm summer air has been replaced with a chill.

Rather than sporting a jersey and shorts as is my case with summer riding,…I’m now riding with tights, polypropylene long sleeve top, jersey, plus cold weather riding jackets, booties, and gloves for my long rides. I’m really content with my head space right now, as there is an element of magic in the air. There’s something about this very short shoulder season that makes me feel alive when I’m outside running or biking. Last year, while training for IM-Florida I have fond memories of using a sauna regularly for heat acclimatization, and the bow river for my ice baths (as it becomes cold enough to do so). I recall starting my workouts in the AM in pitch darkness, as I watched the sunrise and early morning traffic come alive. I was coming off a high after finishing well at Ironman Canada last year. This year is slightly different, as I feel like I’ve learned a tonne and got very fit over the course of this past year – I’m now training with a mission of proving to myself that this is the case.

Peter and I have been talking a lot about making alterations to my bike position. We’re working on getting me in a more powerful position, that can also facilitate maintaining a higher cadence. There’s a fine balance between aerodynamics and power generating potential. What we’re working towards is finding this optimal balance.