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The making of genius: M. Colgan

September 24th, 2007

I just finished 1 of 2 building weeks. Still not in the clear, but knock on wood – my body is holding up, and I’m more psyched to train than ever. I’m driven by just a wee bit of intensity,…the prospect of finishing the season without a satisfying result has made me a tad edgy. I’m going to IM-Florida with the intent to nail this sucker. With that said, given a most recent over-haul of my bike set up and positioning (much thanks to Gary Alexander), I’m going to have to trust that my body is quick to adapt to fitness with a change in motor programming/patterning. I’ve learned from Peter to avoid changing things, but both he and I agreed that a change in this case was a smart move. In the very least, an entire winter of building fitness with the new position will serve well for the 2008 season.

As a continuation of the story regarding my last blog entry, I rode the same route last wednesday. Wishing I had brought a camera, it was remarkable to see the stark difference a few days could make. This time, I headed out from Calgary at the freezing mark. Surprisingly, beyond Bragg Creek was snow covered,…the higher I climbed, the snowier it became. I was constantly thinking in my head,…”is this smart?”,…”would Peter ride in conditions like this?”,…my biased answer continued to be a justifiable YES,…and so I forged on. As I approached Elbow Falls, I found myself biking against two long rows of cows,…there were hundreds of them, walking together, sometimes running along both sides of the road. I’ve never seen them out all together in such numbers before — my first thought was that they must be on a migrating mission for a southern continent. Regardless of intent, it was certainly an interesting experience to bike amongst a herd of cows in a winter-wonderland. As long as I was training in my intended zones, and kept my hands and feet warm, I was a happy camper. I felt it was good for me to connect with the earth in this way.

I just read an article by Michael Colgan, titled “The Making of Genius” published in the Sept/Oct 2007 Vista magazine. Awesome read. More on it later.