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Hawaii Ironman

October 19th, 2007

From an outsider’s point of view, Ironman Hawaii was an interesting race indeed. Just as any ironman always has its share of surprises, the world championship event was no exception to this rule. The obvious standout was Canadian Samantha McGlone’s impressive 2nd place finish – her first Ironman ever, and running a 3hour marathon. From all reports, she certainly looked relaxed and confident before the big day (see photo below; C. Lien)

Sam chillin

I was hoping the best for our fellow Canadians. Photo below is Jasper Blake (CAN), Sam McGlone (CAN) amongst other pros such as Belinda Granger (AUS), and Luke Bell (AUS) in line, a couple days before the race (photo: C. Lien).

Hawaii Pros

Other Team Adidas Canada members: Darren Mealing and Tom Evans.

Darren and Tom

I was sorry to learn about Tom having a sub-par day.  When things click, he’s unstoppable — I look forward to the day he nails one on the Big Island.