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Arrived in Panama City

November 1st, 2006

Pretty cool – Simon Whitfield just wished me luck via a comment on my website. Sharon Donnelly did the same in an email. I feel lucky with the level of support I have.

Tuesday was a full-on travel day, leaving at 8am – arriving at 9pm in Florida. The focus was to relax, and keep my legs up whenever possible. I had a 3.5hour layover in Minneapolis where I spent the entire time stretching my shoulders while lying down. I ate a ton of fruit (apples and pears) and squash which I brought with me for the trip. I drank a ton of tea and water.

Sitting next to me on the plane was a triathlon coach by the name of Derek MacNeil,…he’s from Toronto, ON — we knew a lot of the same people, including Richard Pady who used to work with Derek at Healthy Results.

My homestay graciously picked me up from the airport — and took me to the place where I’ll be calling home for the next week. My homestay’s name is Doug Welling, an engineer working on a project that develops submarines designed to blow-up war mines.

Today,…woke up at 6am Florida time.

Ate some oatmeal,…with my morning pills of supplements. I’ll be heading to the grocery store soon to pick up more food (fruits/veggies, rice, fish/chicken, gluten free breads/pasta etc). I’ll then eat some more. Go for a bike, and run. Hit the registration (pick up race numbers/package). Make dinner for Doug and I,…then we’ll hit the pool for some swimming — I hope I remember how to. And in between doing all this, I’ll try to sit down and relax as much as possible.

The weather for the day is looking like it is going to be perfect racing weather,….23°C.

More soon.