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Today’s swim workout

February 8th, 2008

5x150m (free/back/free by 50s)

2x[100IMdrill, 200free, 100IM, 300free, 100IM, 200free, 100IM], IMs on 1:40, Free on 1:25/100m pace

400m free on 6:00

3x[100band only on 1:40, 2x25band only on :35, 100band only on 1:40, 50free easy]

4x100pull on 1:15

2x200pull on 2:30

1x400pull on 5:40

2x200pull on 2:40

4x100pull on 1:20

Chad Hankewich gave me some feedback on my stroke earlier this week; this regarded the need to anchor my arm during the catch – I wasn’t using my lats and rhomboids to help retract and depress my scapulaes from this point on. This helps to initiate the roll,…moving the body past the shoulder/arm, rather than the shoulder/arm moving past the body.  Specifically focusing on this is making a significant difference.  I’m in the weight room doing specific exercises to further reinforce this motor pathway.