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Feeling way more water

February 11th, 2008

I got a compliment today associated with my swimming. It doesn’t happen often, so I’ll relish it. The head coach of the Dinos said to me this morning, “Scott, whatever you’re doing with your stroke, keep doing it. It looks really good”. I’ve been emphasizing starting my catch super relaxed and easy, then just holding that position while retracting and depressing my shoulder blade as part of initiating the roll and using larger muscle groups such as my lats way more. Talking with Jarrod about it – he attests, it’s funny that sometimes the smallest changes have the largest impact on stroke mechanics. How true that is.
I didn’t get the memo that practice was starting 30min later,…so I hopped in for an extra 1700m before the official start of practice.

4×200 on 3:00

3x200pull on 2:50

2x200kick on 4:00



3x150free on 2:20

3x[100IMdrill, 50swim] on 2:30

200pull + 2x[4×50 pull descend 1-4 on :60, 50 easy]

200kick + 2x[4x50kick descend 1-4 on :60, 50 easy]

100 on 1:30

2×200 on 2:40

100 on 1:30

4×100 on 1:20 descend 1-4