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March 4th, 2008

Finish NB Half

This was my breakthrough race. My best 1/2IM finishing time prior to this was in the neighboorhood of 4hr20min. Putting in the work, discipline and patience are key ingredients for a breakthrough performance. You’ve got to believe. Before this race, despite being up against some worthy competitors, I recall answering the question a friend asked me before the race, “how are you hoping to do?”,…with “I have a shot at winning”. My response wasn’t showing disrespect for my competitors, it came from a confidence in my fitness at the time.

Training is going well — working towards the next breakthrough. I may have done a 8hr45min IM before, but in my mind I’m preparing myself to go much faster.

I swam this morning with a very small group of three swimmers, all who likely will be headed to the Olympics in Beijing. I find it fascinating the language that these swimmers use — everything is POSITIVE!!! Jan, the coach commented on my free without paddles,…I seem to find my best form when I use paddles — he said, “your free with paddles looks really good,…but your free without paddles, looks…well, different”. I noted that he didn’t say anything negative regarding my free without paddles,…instead, he suggested that I attempt to hold the same form when I swim without paddles. Another time during the workout when I was gasping for air after touching the wall, I mentioned to Mike Brown (a breaststroker who’ll be a medal threat in Beijing) that I thought the workout was really challenging, he said, “that’s GOOD!” The dialog in successful people’s minds is always positive — I’m noticing this more and more.