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Great training

March 22nd, 2008

This week in Chilliwack has gone very well. I’m among all-stars, hitting some excellent workouts keeping true to wanting to build quality aerobic base.  My three training partners are making the training so much more fun and enjoyable.  The camp has been extremely successful.

Thursday’s training:
Swim: 1000 warm up, 40×100,…10 on 1:20, 10 on 1:25, 10 on 1:30, 10 on 1:35. Descended times from 1:18-1:07

7hour bike, HR1-2.

45min transition run, 15min HR1, 15min HR2 build, 15min jog

I felt refreshed after the day, no sign of abnormal fatigue – happy with this.


Friday’s training:
4000m continuous swimming, 6x200m descend 1-3, 4-6 on 3:00,…3rd and 6th were 2:15, and 2:20 respectively.

75min easy spin on bike

2hour easy trail run, with core work, drills and accelerations.


Today thus far:

8000m swim:

10x800m,…2nd to 9th 800m were 100swim on 1:40/100kick 2:10/100swim 1:40/100kick on 2:10, tempo/strong 400m on 5:30. Times for 400m were between 5:00-5:07,…last 400m was 4:42 (all out effort).

2hour spin coming up.

Things are going very well, and looking bright. Energy is extremely high, and the training is feeling easy for the most part.