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another great workout

March 26th, 2008

I had a great time in the pool today with the Dinos.  It was just Jarrod and I doing this workout, of 8200m.  I’m noticing big changes in my swimming.  I’m able to handle way more than I’ve ever been able in the past – things are clicking.  Energy was perfect throughout.

No rest between sets.

2×600 on 8:00 (I did the first as a 550m)

6x200m on 2:45

2×600 pull on 8:00

24x50m pull on :40

8x50m band only on :45

4x50m swim on :40

8x50m band only on :45

2x600m swim on 8:00 (again I only did a 550m for the first one)

6x200m on 2:45

10x100m pull on 1:20