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I’m stealing a word

April 2nd, 2008

Anyone who knows Darren Mealing, knows that ‘sensational’ is his word.  With thoughtful reservation, I’m going to use that word to describe the 1hr45min run I had today.  Things are clicking with ease.  I feel like my old but better self.

I swam immediately after before work:

2x(20x100m,…first set swim, 2nd was pull (4 on 1:30, 4 on 1:25, 4 on 1:20, 4 on 1:25, 4 on 1:30)

Felt easy, smooth and continuing to feel my way way way best in the water.

I’m happy thus far that I’m staying true to keeping things aerobic and as base miles.  I’m even happier that I’m hitting pace times that would be once a challenge is now relatively easy.  I can’t help but be excited about this upcoming season.