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oh deer

May 4th, 2008

Following a couple low/easy days to ensure I was rested leading into it, I started up my ironman specific training on wednesday.   By the definition I use, Ironman specific training pertains to balancing 2-3 key/epic/long days per week with active recovery days.

On wednesday I rode long with Luke Way, a Calgary triathlete with huge potential.  Look out for this guy.  Naturally I wanted to do some training with him as we’re well matched, and he too is racing Coeur D’Alene.

Today’s ride was awesome.  Kyle Marcotte and I took out our TT bikes hit a very solid ride, leaving from the Extreme Bean in Calgary, covering 4 climbs of the powderface climb (turned around at the backside of the mountain, down to Elbow Falls, then back up and down the otherside again and home) in 5hr10min total riding time.  I could barely believe the time…we were cooking.  Interestingly, I nearly hit a deer crossing the road, one deer crossed the road ahead of Kyle,…then out jumped another from the bushes and passed right in between Kyle and myself, I slammed my brakes hard to avoid hitting it.

Kyle hit the pool afterwards, and I did a 40min T-run with 5x4min/1km repeats in HR2, followed by weights and core.

Stay well everyone!