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PE(perceived exertion)/ X (speed) as X approaches zero…

May 5th, 2008

Today was the second day of a 2 day combo workout — an extension of yesterday’s epic day.  Running long the morning after an epic ride/T-run is necessary to the get the body used to running while fatigued.

For today’s long run, I felt like I was running through knee-deep molasses.  As painful as it was, I was really happy about this, as it verifies that my training will be sufficient to stimulate appropriate adaptations.  My best races have all been preceded by shockingly slow workouts.  There is however a risk of slogging through a slow day, logging junk miles,…that being a workout when it’s even a challenge to get your heart race into your aerobic heart rate zone (HR1).  Today I had to REALLY work hard to get my HR up into zone,…in this case (in my opinion) it’s okay (and necessary) to increase your perceived exertion.  The work is done,…now I rest.