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definitely NOT smiling

May 19th, 2008

I wish I was…smiling, during todays long run.  There were loads of people out on the trails today for the holiday weekend.  Occasionally I would grimace, and I noticed a few people as I passed would smile back at me.  I think they thought I was initiating a smile.  No, I was holding on for my life!

I built a 2.5hour run from zone 1 to zone 2.  I managed to negative split, and run faster than I have since my big run focus I built back in April.  Prior to the run, I was still feeling the effects from yesterday’s long bike/T-run,…tired.  Fact is I was wiped.  I focused on staying positive and imagined a successful run – this was part of a two day, back to back solid workout days.  Being less than 5weeks out from Ironman Coeur D’Alene, I need to hit my Ironman Specific training days with some serious training, and do it well!

I arrived home from the workout completely spent,…all I could think about was how great a glass of water and a smoothie will taste.  After chugging my beverages of choice, I felt sick,…my stomach was achy,…and all I could manage to do was curl up in a little ball on the floor, and moan.  I was a pathetic mess.

It’s been a few hours and my eyes are less crossed…

…I still have an easy run/jog to do.

Undoubtably so, more immediate active recovery and rest tomorrow will prove important.