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‘Operation 8pm’ backfired

July 21st, 2008

I became hungry at 9pm last night,…but I told myself, “suck it up,…you made a committment not to eat after 8pm”.  And so I went to bed without a snack.

I laid in bed, not only with a hungry stomach, but with my aching muscles and body keeping me awake.  Finally, I looked at the clock, it read 1:20am,…all while catching the most superficial sleep.

I then caved big time,…I got up, walked to the kitchen and made myself a stack of pancakes!  My god, did those little puppies ever taste good!

Half guilty, and half relieved, I then was able to catch some zzzs for the remainder of the night.

Today’s workout went very well – I am in a perpetual state of fatigue from training, but the speed, ease and fluidity of my workouts today felt super good.