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August 29th, 2008

Life has been good this week; enjoying time with Allison in Vancouver. As a doctor, she’s working a 24-hour shift in pediatrics today, but will have a couple days off this weekend to go visit our family in White Rock.

Yesterday, Al and I ran around the Stanley Park sea-wall. Around one corner, we saw the most monstrous swans,…we came within a couple feet of these huge birds — man alive, these birds are big. We also toured the Vancouver Art Gallery,…and saw some interesting works of art, namely Beijing’s Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan

On another note, in the spirit of finishing another Ironman build-up and race,…I’ve been thinking I have a lot of people to thank:

Allison: for being my best friend and greatest supporter in life.

Dr. Jason Ahlan (naturopath and expert in injection therapy): The man who has changed my life. I’m so much healthier since seeing him on a regular basis. He has helped heal my battered body after so much abuse to it over the years. My foot that used to go numb in races is now not a problem – and on a related note, he has helped me recover from a sciatic nerve impingement that was causing me to lose serious power on the bike. I never knew how good I could feel until I started working with him.

Paulo: For recently taking me on as his pupil. My sensei,…my coach.

The folks at Balanced Health Sports Therapy and the University of Calgary Health Services: The people I work with are extremely understanding and helpful to allow me to take time off to train and race.