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November 20th, 2006

This is what they call shoulder season huh?  The gap that fills in the space between the conclusion of race season with getting fat or getting the aerobic base built up again — depending on how motivated one may be.  At the moment, I have REALLY important things such as vegetating that require my utmost attention,…ah’hem…or unattention.   

My brother Brent sent me this link to his latest bicycle creation.  You can check it out at:

I was drooling over cycling shoes today,… link ,…I hope to be wearing these shoes next year.  mmmmm.

Last weekend was the World ITU Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Canberra, Australia – one person in particular, Jasper Blake, our lone Elite Canadian representative was competing.  I was sorry to see that he didn’t finish,…I was hoping for great things following his win at IRONMAN CANADA this year, and his previous year’s 9th place finish at the World Champs.  Not sure what happened to him,…I’m sure we’ll be able to read about it soon from his blog:

Funny about the World Long Distance Championships,…I was hoping to go as well — it would have been my first opportunity to represent CANADA in the world championships as an elite.  I probably would have gone too, had the trip not been so bloody expensive.  I recall last year in February sometime, that I received a letter from Triathlon Canada, congratulating me as I was named to Canada’s National Elite Long Distance Triathlon Team.  Given it was my first time ever making the elite team, I was quite excited.   This news gave me an extra mental boost – I was primed to make sure 2006 was my best year racing.  Just a little while later, I was disappointed to learn that Triathlon Canada had decided to cut it’s Elite Long Distance Team in 2007,…all for the purpose of streamlining it’s vision exclusively on Olympic Distance racing.  It’s prime funding partners are based through sporting bodies for Olympic sports, hence the ties with a Long Distance and IRONMAN distance team was confusing (given that Ironman racing is NOT an Olympic sport,…while the Olympic Distance TRIATHLON is) – at least that is what I gathered from the explaination.  Reflecting on the past year, I feel as though Triathlon Canada had already given up association with the Long Distance Team before the season got underway.  I would have loved to have gone and represented in Aus,…alas. 

Sure has been nice the last couple days in Calgary — I love Chinooks.