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last time I trained like this…

October 31st, 2008

I can’t say that I’m bagged, pooched, self-imploded, worn-down, spent (or whatever) right now, but I can tell you I’ve felt like this at some points over the last couple days.  My training load over the past 3 weeks have been steady, with consistent solid efforts, with frequent strong efforts mixed in.  I’ve had nights where my body is so tired and irritatable that the only place where I can sleep is a hard floor,…not to mention nights where I moan myself to sleep.  But I’ve kept on track, and haven’t had one crappy workout yet – my body seems to be boucing back well and able to get the work done.

Last time I trained like this was in May 2005,…for 3 weeks I trained with no days off, almost everyday I ran, 30-50min tempo runs was part of my staple diet, I did one 40km TT (or threshold) bike each week, I rode long one/two times per week, and averaged over 30hours of training each week.  Three weeks later, I won the Canadian Long Distance Triathlon Championship title in Victoria, BC.  I’ve never quite felt as good as I did following that training cycle.  It was a race where I felt invincible and super-human strong,…it was tied with a feeling that I have missed in subsequent races.

This training block is a whole lot familiar with my 2005 loading,…that’s all I can say.