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Ironman Western Australia

December 7th, 2008

I’ve been following Ironman Western Australia with great interest.  The race finished last night,…continuing for the final finishers now.

Calgary’s Chris Kennedy really impressed me with his race strategy and execution.  After a series of disappointing starts throughout the summer,…mostly related to illness and injury – he set his final sights on Ironman Western Australia.  He knew how fit he was,…it was a last chance of 2008 to prove it on paper.  Still affected by a significant and stubborn injury, Chris persisted throughout his preparation for the race.  He proves that the powers of mental toughness can overcome any physical weakness.

I was particularly impressed by Chris’ pacing on the bike.  He nailed his splits, close to even splitting the bike and finishing the ride in 5hr05min.  The injury that he had hoped would resolve itself, was excruciatingly painful starting the run,…yet he being amazingly mentally tough he chipped away the marathon in 3hr24min.  Finishing the entire IM in 9hr44min.

Other noteable Calgarians who did well were Leo Pineda, Mike Bergeron, and Nicki Rehn.  There were a reasonable number of other Canadians representing us well too.