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December 9th, 2008

I keep harping about the glories of injection therapy, I know, I know!  I just keep having breakthroughs with my body, I have to share the newest one!  Dr. Ahlan found trigger points around my elbows that have unlocked a restriction which was inhibiting my arms from finishing the pull in my swim stroke.  Unbelieveable – I swear I’ve never felt so good in the water,…and enjoying it now more than ever.  It also has given me the ability to roll onto my side more while keeping my elbow in a high/catch ready position,…subsequently, this is making it way easier to keep my head lower in the water too.

I’m running to places now,…just adding it as my transportation around the city – it’s fun, and a great way to keep active without the mental stress associated specifically with training.

First structured swim workout this morning, Long course meters:

3x(4x50m drill/swim on :55, 200m on 3:00),…I hit 2:30-2:34 for the 200s – great for me, considering I’m just getting back in the water

3x(300m pull on 4:30, 3x100m swim on 1:40),…I hit 1:15 and descended to 1:10 for 100s – again,…I’m pumped about this!!

Thank you Dr. Ahlan!  My arms/triceps activation feels amazing.