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Bike/spin trainer (and transition runs) sessions at SpeedTheory

December 30th, 2008

Happy Holidays and New Year!!!

Bike/Spin classes are starting up in the new year on Thursday and Sundays at SpeedTheory.  Classes begin Thursday January 8th, and will cover 4 months of Calgary’s winter, completing on Sunday May 3rd.  The workouts are designed to improve your aerobic capacity while emphasizing proper cycling technique.  You should see progressive and favourable changes in your fitness that will set you up nicely for having a healthier and stronger summer of outdoor activity in 2009!!!

It is IMPORTANT to note that there will be no classes during the 3rd week of the first 3 months of the year (ie. Jan 15-18, Feb 19-22, March 19-22),…so please mark your calendars accordingly.

There are 14 weeks of classes in total.  The cost is $140 for one of either the Thursday or Sunday class, or $200 for both.  Drop ins are available at cost of $15.

Program specifics:
Thursday: 6:30-8pm followed by core (core/pelvis stability training, for injury prevention and performance enhancement)
Sunday brick workout:  9-11am bike followed by core and 40-50min (optional) transition run

What to bring:
Your bike, and trainer, towel, something to put under your bike to catch sweat (if you don’t have a mat, there are mats you can use at SpeedTheory), heart rate monitor (not necessary, but bring it if you have one!), water/energy drink, running gear for sunday’s optional run, and a big SMILE and lots of positive ENERGY.

SpeedTheory, at the corner of 53rd St and Crowchild NW.

What else:
Just by being a cool member of the group, you receive a 10% discount at the SpeedTheory triathlon store!

If you have not signed up, please secure a spot by emailing me at ironchiro@gmail(dot)com
.  I will respond by confirming availability.  Will be fun — looking forward to seeing all you positive and motivated people next week!  Now let’s get fit!!!!