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Suunto and Thursday night spin class at SpeedTheory

February 25th, 2009

Suunto is coming the Thursday night spin class on March 12th. You will be given heart rate monitors to track your workout data which will be all viewed together as a comprehensive workout log. Please download the following excel file, fill out all the data (in the yellow shaded boxes) and email it to the address on the bottom of the form. Also, please make reference to ‘March 12th’ in the subject header.

The key points required on the form are 1) email address – no email address and you will not receive a log of the workout. 2) Max Heart rate. – just put down the highest heart rate you have ever seen your body achieve (during a max effort; ie. at end of a hill sprint). 3) number of hours working out – this helps the Suunto engineers know how active you are to fine tune the software. 4) Vo2 max – ONLY if done in last year, this helps to fine tune the software to give better information back on training effect.

For your interest, here is a link to a video using Suunto’s team pod with USA rowing team.