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Please no Ellen in the gym!

March 24th, 2009

Just some food for thought; the ultimate worst TV program that you can watch without sound while running on a treadmill is the Ellen DeGeneres show,…there’s loads of very bad dancing on the show, even the people in the audience dance around  like lunatics.  I guarentee there’s nothing more annoying than watching that show while working out.  I was surprised that no one changed the channel.

I did a 1500m long course effort today (500 easy, 500 alternate strong/cruise by 50m, 500 strong) in 20min10sec.  Felt pretty darn good.

50min on Treadmill,…build from HR1-HR2high increasing speed every 10min

1% grade, 7.5miles/hour HR=130, 7.8m/h HR=135, 8.1m/h HR=140, 8.4m/h HR=145, 8.7m/h HR=151

Looking forward to racing this Sat…