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Pursuit Race Results

March 28th, 2009

It was a good day overall, minus the fact it was negative 3 degreesC, windy, and the bike path we ran on was close to shear ice — similar but not quite the same as running a track race around a hockey rink!  This added twist made things interesting – Kyle described it as more of a core exercise than running; this being true.   There was some notable accomplishments,…some being Elliot Rushton was able to fit into his old Fastskin suit, Kyle Marcotte and Chris Kennedy set personal bests in the swim, Jon Bird was consistent and didn’t need a warm-up for the swim (not to mention the bugger beat me!).  Interestingly, Elliot won the National Swimming Championships in the 1500m at the Talisman Centre (same pool as today’s swim) back in 2005,…back then he did so in 15:34,…today I thought he showed impressively good form.

Swim Results (1500m short course):

  • Elliot Rushton 16:44
  • Jon Bird 18:53
  • Scott Curry 18:56
  • Christopher Brown 19:53
  • Kyle Marcotte 20:31
  • Kelly O’Toole 21:00
  • Chris Kennedy 23:56
  • Frank Woolstencroft 29:43
  • Rich Cote 31:22
  • Bill Wyrostok 34:05
  • Pursuit Finish and 10.8km run split times
  • Scott Curry finish = 1:00:43, run = 41:47
  • Elliot Rushton    f = 1:01:46,     r = 45:02
  • Kyle Marcotte     f = 1:04:18,     r = 44:13
  • Rich Cote           f = 1:19:38,     r = 48:16
  • Bill Wyrostok     f = 1:41:40,     r = 1:07:35