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The set that makes you great.

April 1st, 2009

I consider myself a pretty lucky guy living with a Senior Nationals 1500m swim champion.  There’s something about successful people who know how to think, live, and be success.  Elliot is master storyteller,…he’s got a story for just about any occasion or topic, and reads up on about just about everything that he doesn’t know the answer to.  Anyways, today Elliot told me another story – in typical Elliot style, relating it to the bacon he was cooking on the stove at the time (but that is another story…)  The story was about a time during a practice in his rookie season whereby he was the only guy who had an extra set scheduled do in practice [as an aside, distance swimmers tend to be the minority on swim teams,…often they are required to do longer workouts, in solo, or with very little company – and Elliot would often find himself being the only one staying longer finishing up the extra set].  Anyways, Elliot recalled getting sick and tired of being the guy having to log the extra miles while the rest of the team were able to finish up much earlier.  He ended up saying out-loud to a teammate that he had decided that he was going to cut his longer practice short and finish the practice that everyone else was doing.

He vividly recalls his teammate telling him,..”what if this is the set that makes you great?”

After that point, Elliot was mentally committed to every single workout that was given to him.  He said it was the thing that stuck, that made him absolutely unable to ever cut a workout short.

To this day, his teammate has no recollection of this conversation.  But in Elliot’s mind, it was a powerful statement that stuck with him.

Elliot uses a blog as somewhat of a log for his benefit,…you can follow his adventures starting triathlon training, leading up to the 70.3 IM Calgary race.  Elliot’s blog click here.