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Rippin’ Trevor W.

April 5th, 2009

I was really happy to see Trevor Wurtele do so well at Oceanside yesterday with 4hr10 1/2IM and 17th place in a very strong pro-field.  He is such a good person that I can’t help but wish him well.  I now expect amazing performances from his wife and IM champion Heather, who cranked a solid effort too, I thought.

I coached a 2hour solid bike trainer workout at SpeedTheory today.  Following that Chris, Bill, and Katie and I swam a 7.5km set at Talisman.

free swim: 10x100m on 1:30, 30×100 on 1:25, 10×100 on 1:20

During a pull-set that followed, I nearly puked and had to back things right off.

Looks like it’s going to be a great sunny and warm week in BC and Alberta.   Tomorrow, I’m heading to Chilliwack, BC for a solid 11-day training block, in preparation for Wildflower.

This year, to reduce nerve stress that has contributed to a previous injury, I’ve moved to 170mm cranks, and using Adamo saddle,…resulting in a subtle change in my position.