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April 12th, 2009

4.5hour ride, with 6x10min HARD efforts with 2min inbetween over the Cultus Lake Triathlon 40km race course.  At the end of each 10min effort, I took note of a landmark by which I finished the interval, looped around for an easy 2min of recovery, then started the next effort as a rolling start.  Despite my best effort, I could only come up with a 1:02:10 over the course.  uuugh..

2x3kmhard repeats on the track in the pouring rain today,…the best I could muster was a 10:35, and 10:58 – wow that was ugly.

Main swim set today:

6x400m swim, alternate one hard/one easy.  Hard efforts were 4:50, 4:46, 4:46.  It was a sufferfest….