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My Triathlon “Early Years” Photos

December 28th, 2006

Going home for christmas in Waterloo was good to catch up with family and friends. I came across some old photos from my earliest days of racing triathlons (’91,’92).

Feast your eyes on my ultimate racing machine – this is from the 1992 Oakville Duathlon (a Graham Fraser early race). I inherited this bike from my brother Brent,…that cool elephant design seat cover added comfort to the sweet ride. Clipless pedals??? Nahhh– Why spend precious time in transition when you can bike with running shoes!

I was a natural runner from the start,…yeah right!!!

The Milton 1993 mmmarvellous muffins triathlon.

I recall getting really stressed out before races during my first exposure to triathlon. This photo, taken before the Waterloo Big Brother’s triathlon looks like I’m about to puke.

My first half Ironman in Orillia, Ontario,…back in 1993. I think Steve Bentley won overall that day (close to an hour ahead of me). I remember buying that Dave Scott racing singlet before the race,…I thought for sure it’d make me faster on the day.

Dave Scott, Scott Tinley, Mark Allen, Mike Pigg, and Scott Molina were my inspiration while growing up,…they were all heroes and legends to me.  My early triathlon learning was from reading Dave Scott, and Scott Tinley’s triathlon training books.

Once upon my a time, my first passion in sport was cross-country skiing. I was ridiculously obsessed with the sport.

Two great friends, Adam and Taya Johnson. At this time (sometime year 2000ish), Adam was coaching me through his triathlon training business, Triathlon Trainer,…now he’s still coaching in Toronto as The ENDURANCE LAB.

Fun times.