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“Night swimming,…deserves a quiet night” – REM

January 2nd, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  Allison and I just got back from Christmas holidays in Ontario, and a trip to Fairmont, BC,…capping off with a day on the slopes of Panorama resort.

Fairmont provided a great time,…one night with friends, we all decided to cross country ski to a hidden natural hot spring.  Our friend/resident tour guide, Paul led us towards our target winter water wonderland oasis.  It was a slippery trek uphill (as we didn’t quite hit the right wax), but well worth the effort once we ended our journey.  The sight we were rewarded with was a majestic one – a 30ft waterfall laced with a row of huge icicles dumping into a basin of water which overflowed onto the surrounding rocks, ending in a nearby stream.  I was the first to drop my clothes in a snowpile next to the waterfall, then jump into the natural bath tub.  The comedy started soon thereafter — the temperature of the water was a lot colder than we expected!  We were required to vigorously scull, and move about to keep warm in our winter bath tub.  We filled the air with a cluster of screams and laughter,…”this was supposed to be a HOT spring!!!”,…the novelty of doing such a thing was a blast.  A time I’ll be slow to forget.