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Time to get serious: IRONMAN ARIZONA

February 25th, 2007

Last week and this week is a building phase in preparation for Ironman Arizona.  Training has been going exceptionally well, with some clear signs that everything is heading in the right direction.  Two simple signs are 1) I’m hitting the KEY workouts and nailing them,…including the swimming (if swimming isn’t suffering then my energy for sure is high), and 2) I’m feeling rested and mostly recovered.

Peter’s plan for me in prep for Arizona is different from the prep he had me do for IM-Canada, and IM-Florida.  This time of year, we don’t have the luxury in Calgary to bike outdoors, so all my riding is on the bike trainer for now.  The workouts have more intensity, but total to be less overall hours.  I’ve also joined a track team to help accelerate run fitness – I’m determined to turn my run from a weakness to a strength.  Never being complacent,…and shifting paradigms – that’s what it’s all about!