The Bicycle Forest aspires to make a large diversity of human powered vehicles available to the public and to encourage their use as a viable transportation alternative. By taking the time to fill out this survey, you'll help us focus our efforts on the things that are most important now and in the future.

This survey is completely anonymous. Your comments are welcome at the end but be aware that we cannot respond to unidentified inquiries.

Rank your interest in trying the following types of human powered vehicles.
(1st means "most interested". Ties are allowed)

Recumbents Tandems
Full Suspension
Mountain Bikes
Freestyle BMX
Unicycles Watercraft
Kinetic Sculpture Other

Which concept do you prefer for our future facility?
    Visitors ride our bikes on a nearby community trail system.
    Visitors use our bikes on public roads.
    Visitors use a network of private trails at our facility.
If you are unfamiliar with the province of Ontario,
please skip on to the next question.

Which of Ontario's twelve
tourism regions do you
favour for an expansion
to The Bicycle Forest?

Sunset Country: Kenora
North of Superior: Thunder Bay
James Bay Frontier: Timmins
Algoma Country: Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa
Rainbow Country: Parry Sound, Sudbury
Near North: North Bay
Ontario East: Ottawa, Pembroke
Getaway Country: Haliburton, Peterborough
Metropolitan Toronto
Lakelands: Collingwood, Huntsville, Orillia
Festival Country: Kitchener-Waterloo
Southwestern Ontario: London, Goderich

And now, a bit about yourself...

Age Height
Of the following common reasons for riding a bicycle or other human powered vehicle, check the ones that apply to you.

Commuting Fitness
Touring (Weekend or longer) Racing
Touring (Single day or less) Simple fun
Work (Messenger, Pro Rider...) Other
Other comments?