Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists (A.R.C.)   Toronto cyclists standing together
Bicycle City   Working to make an international network of eco-friendly, car-free communities.
Bicycle Fixation
Bicycle Transportation Alliance   based in Portland, Oregon
Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc.   The Future of Mass Transportation
Bicycles for Humanity
Bike Hugger
Bike Plan Source
The Busycle Project   redefining how we move as a culture
C.H.U.N.K. 666
Canadian Cycling Association   the web site that goes with the book Carfree Cities
Center for Appropriate Transport
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
C.I.C.L.E.   cyclists inciting change thru live exchange
City of Toronto Cycling Site
Community Bicycle Network
Community Cycling Center
Cyclown Circus   Evolution of Revolution
Detour's Urban Source   A Project of Moving the Economy
Edmonton Bicycle Commuters
Family on a bike
FreeWheels Bicycle Defense Fund
Get Cycling
Green Hummer Project
Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition   Canada's Environmental Information Portal
Human Power Institute
International Bicycle Fund
Martino's Bike Lane Diary
Mountain Bike Instructors' Award Scheme
Mr. Bike
National Bicycle Greenway
National Center For Bicycling & Walking and the Active Living Resource Center
Natural Cycle   promoting sustainable transportation by increasing access to human powered vehicles; specifically bicycles!
Neighborhood Bike Works   Increasing opportunities for urban youth in Philadelphia through bicycling.
The Niagara Bicycle Guide
Ontario Cycling Association
The Otesha Project
The Pedal Co-op
PEDAL Power   PEDAL [Pedal Energy Development Alternatives] develops and promotes the use of pedal powered technology.
Project Rwanda
Purple   North America's only pedal powered children's entertainer and active lifestyle activist.   Aaron's Bicycle Repair
Self-Propelled City
SHIFT to Bikes!   Keeping bicyclists visible and active in Portland, Oregon
Still We Ride   a documentary of NYC Critical Mass
Sustrans   The UK's leading sustainable transport charity
Take the Lane   Bill Bean's Cycling Blog
Transportation Alternatives NYC
The Vehicular Cyclist
Velo City   a proposed rapid mobility system for the City of Toronto   The European Network for Cycling Expertise
Vélo Mondial
Warrington Cycle Campaign
Wheels 4 Life
World Bicycle Relief   Providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles
World Carfree Network
Worldwide Critical Mass Hub

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