Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to BikeCAD

Glossary of terms

BB drop
BB height
Driving vs. driven dimensions
Effective seat tube length
Effective top tube length
Fork offset
Fork length
Fork length (axle to crown)
Fork rake
Foot and crank relative positions
Front center
Head tube bottom
Interior angles, Mitre angles
Lock frame
Lock scale
Jones stability criterion
Mitre to mitre distance
Rider Compartment (Cockpit)
Saddle dimensions
Saddle setback
Saddle height
Saddle tip to brake hood
Seatpost setback
Stand over height
Toe overlap

How do I update BikeCAD Pro to the latest version?

How do I install BikeCAD Pro on a Mac?

How do I install BikeCAD Pro on a PC including Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7?

How do I install BikeCAD Pro on Linux?

How do I turn on and off the display of (centerlines, components, decals, paint, rider)?

How do you show dimensions?

How do you minimize the display of the tabs along the bottom of BikeCAD?

How do you create user defined dimensions?

How do you annotate your design with drawing notes?

How do you move dimensions on the screen?

How do you use the Fit Advisor?

What dimensions can be calculated by the Fit advisor and in what order should they be applied?

How do you adjust the scale and position of an imported image?

How do imported images get saved with BCAD files?

How do you adjust the size and position of the circle in the Circle paint scheme?

What are the different options for saving bitmap images from BikeCAD?

What languages is BikeCAD available in?

What should I do if my dimensions don't all fit on the page?

I have no idea what is meant by some of these dimensions. Help!?

When I enter certain values in the text fields, BikeCAD seems to ignore what I've done and resets the values. What's going on?

What's the purpose of the Export mitre template (PDF) option?

What styles of seat stays can I model in BikeCAD?

What information can be displayed in the gearing graphs?

How can I check for interference between the fork crown and the down tube?

How soon after I've purchased BikeCAD Pro is the product shipped?

When I try to launch BikeCAD Pro, it opens in my zip file extraction program (Winzip etc.). How do I solve this?

When I try to view the BikeCAD program, all I see is a blank screen. What gives?

What data is retrieved or stored when a BCAD file is opened or saved?

I have a tonne of BCAD files in a single directory. How can I quickly find the file that I want?

How can I adjust the... (top tube length, front center distance, head tube length, top tube angle, handlebar position)?

How do you control the chain stay length / rear wheel gap?

How do you determine wheel diameters?

How is the title block setup?

How can I achieve a full scale printout of my drawing?

What do the anatomical measurements represent in BikeCAD Pro?

What can I do with the DXF file I've saved from BikeCAD Pro?

Can BikeCAD Pro be used for recumbents, trikes or quadracycles?

How do I add fonts to BikeCAD?

How do I customize some of the default settings for BikeCAD Pro?

How do I add my own forks and wheels to the lists of standard components?

How do I customize the fitting schemes in the Fit advisor?

How do I customize how BikeCAD translates Fit advisor dimensions to rider anatomy dimensions?

How do I customize how BikeCAD approximates missing dimensions in the Fit advisor?

Can BikeCAD run on a Mac, on Linux, on Windows?

What is the difference between the Windows and the non-Windows version of BikeCAD Pro?

How do I save my bike designs?

How is the fender geometry defined?

How are eyelets for the rack and fenders located?

How are water bottles located on the frame?

How do I mount a seat tube or down tube so that the center of the tube is not aligned with the center of the bottom bracket?

What is caster angle, or arctan(trail/wheel radius)?

How do I check if my bike meets UCI regulations in BikeCAD Pro?

How do I customize the configuration of the CSV file in BikeCAD Pro?