When we finally came to rest, I couldn't recall how many rotations we'd done, but the couchbike was pointing uphill. Mechanically, everything was perfectly fine. I couldn't believe our luck. The adrenaline was making us both giddy, and we laughed hysterically at our good fortune.

While I was delighted to still be alive. I felt remorse over the preceding spectacle. I had always considered myself a law-abiding citizen. I was not proud of having just desecrated one of our public highways with our perilous circus antics. From that point onward, I resolved to keep our obstreperous couch strictly on the straight and narrow.

Couchbike crossing road

Later that day, as we departed from the town of Souris bound for the eastern most tip of Prince Edward Island, a police car passed us and immediately pulled into a nearby parking lot. This elicited our primal flight instincts. We were still feeling like outlaws from our earlier dealings with the police. Unfortunately, we were driving about the worst getaway car ever.