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End Of An Era

Friday, December 11th, 2015

End of an era

Life is taking us to Vancouver in January. Sadly, our fleet of unique bicycles will not be coming with us and we will not be in a position to rent them out during the summer 2016. Today, I handed the proverbial keys to the pickup truck bike off to its new owners. I’m excited to see what Matthew and his friends can do with it now.

In Vancouver, I will continue to focus on the development and support of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro software for custom framebuilders and bicycle fit specialists. Check out the website for more about that.

NAHBS 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

I’ve just wrapped up a successful weekend at the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. This year’s event was in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was there to promote BikeCAD Pro.

BikeCAD booth at NAHBS

Being so busy with my own booth, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore the show, but here are some shots I took of the new builders section. Nice to see BikeCAD Pro users well represented here.

Harvey Cycle Works at NAHBS

Harvey Cycle Works.

Concinnity at NAHBS

Concinnity Cycle Works.

[Fe][C]ycles at NAHBS


L'Ecu Cycles at NAHBS

L’Ecu Cycles.

Sarif Cycle Works at NAHBS

Sarif Cycle Works.

Syndrome Cycles at NAHBS

Syndrome Cycles.

Zukas Cycles at NAHBS

Zukas Cycles.

Backwoods Engineering at NAHBS

Backwoods Engineering.

Sojourner at NAHBS

Sojourner Cyclery.

Airtight Cycles at NAHBS

Airtight Cycles.

Connor Wood Bicycles at NAHBS

Connor Wood Bicycles.

Green Pea Bikes at NAHBS

Green Pea Bikes.

Renaissance at NAHBS

Renaissance Bicycles.

Velo Zephyr at NAHBS

Velo Zephyr.