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Scott’s Bachelor Party

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

Les didn’t think there’d be enough time to do the triathlon that morning, but Scott was pretty pumped to do it.  This was his day afterall.  I’d worked things out, and the way I saw it, if we left Wasaga Beach immediately after the race, we’d easily make it back in time to shower and get to the restaurant for Scott’s big bachelor party.  I told Les the only possible reason we could be late is if we got into a car accident or something.

Needless to say, when I called home to tell everyone about the accident, Les thought I was pulling his leg.  As we stood by the side of the road watching as the fire department hosed down the other driver’s upturned van, I cursed myself for every random decision I’d ever made that landed me at this particular place at this particular time.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and it was the other driver that was charged.  After a brief interrogation, Alex, Scott and I were free to head back to Waterloo in our newly taco’d car.

In the end, we were only an hour late for the party and definitely ready to have a good time.

After the meal, we took Scott out to the parking lot where the couchbike was waiting.  We gave him a T-shirt with various tasks printed on the back that he’d need to complete throughout the evening.  The first task was a trip through the McDonald’s drive thru.

Couchbike drive thru

Couchbike drive thru

Couchbike drive thru

Couchbike about to hit a speed bump

As we worked our way from bar to bar, Scott also had to keep his eye out for a good Britney Spears lookalike. There was a certificate for the girl we thought was the best match.

Britney Spears

The couchbike was fun to ride, but sometimes it got a bit crowded.

Couchbike taxi

There was another certificate to give out to the best looking girl with glasses. It was a tough call, but we found a deserving recipient. If only we’d had an award for the cutest girl in a trucker hat.

Best looking girl with glasses

Other tasks for the night included collecting phone numbers and armwrestling a humungous bouncer named Stevie.

Collecting phone numbers   Armwrestling

Boy! What a night. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it such a fun time.

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