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Treadmill Bike in Woofin’ Magazine

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
  The Spring issue of Woofin’ Magazine has just hit the stands in Japan. The Treadmill Bike was listed among its list of the top 50 hip hop and reggae products of 2006. Wow! I had no idea we had such street cred. Here’s a cross section of some of the products listed:

  • #50 Hildon mineral water
  • #40 Francis Coppola’s Diamond Collection Silver Label Pinot Noir
  • #39 Ruby encrusted alloy rims
  • #34 Motorola headphones
  • #27 Camouflage duffel bag and matching pants
  • #26 Tag Heuer diamond encrusted watch
  • #22 NBA Live for the XBox 360
  • #14 Hummer laptop computer
  • #10 Bicycle Forest’s Treadmill Bike
  • #8 South African made Ratchet Knife AKA Badman Knife
  • #1 Jacket designed by Ruslan Karablin

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