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Outdoor Music & Movie Night

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Tonight, Mohrgan and I rode the couchbike out to Waterloo Park for the Outdoor Music and Movie Night. We ran into Andy from the cycling club while we were there.

Mohrgan and Andy on the Couchbike

The evening started with a performance by the Water Street Blues Band and was followed at dusk with a screening of The Blues Brothers movie. As the movie started playing, the bugs started to come out in droves. We tried covering ourselves in the tarp we’d brought for rain protection, but found it was no use against the swarms of mosquitos. Eventually, we decided to pack it in. As soon as we were back on the road, the bugs left us alone.

Mohrgan and Andy on the Couchbike

Recycle Cycles Bike Camp

Friday, July 14th, 2006
This morning and afternoon, Mark brought two sets of campers around from the Recycle Cycles bike camp. Each group arrived by public transit which kept us on a tight schedule.

The kids have been learning about bike maintenance and repair all week. Today, the plan was to try out some of the unusual bikes in the rental collection and to see how frames can be welded together.

They brought around this cool candelabra made by Kari at Recycle Cycles as a gift.

Thanks a lot guys. I think we all had a good time!

  Kari's Candelabra

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