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Sweet Jumps on the Treadmill Bike

Saturday, October 15th, 2005
After featuring the Couchbike in the April 2004 issue of FHM magazine, Tom called again to check in on any new projects. I told him about the revolutionary new Treadmill Bike which piqued his interest. They’re going to do a brief report on the bike in the December 2005 issue which will also include this photo of Gary riding the Treadmill Bike around High Park in Toronto. There’s an interesting story behind this photo. When I met up with Gary last September, he’d just finished Ironman Canada a couple of weeks before, so we weren’t really planning to do anything too active, maybe just check out the film festival or go out to eat. However, I’d just got the Treadmill Bike back from powder coat and thought it would be cool to get a few shots of the bike in action. I nievely assumed it would only take a few minutes, but by the time we got into things, we were doing multiple laps of the park and experimenting with various scenic backdrops. Gary was a real trooper. He didn’t know anything about this plan, and wasn’t dressed for such a workout.  We never did make it to the film festival.   Gary on the Treadmill Bike


One of the questions the FHM guys had was “Do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?” Greg and I put together this video in response.

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