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Boaz Frankel’s Un-Road Trip Video

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

We left Boaz in London last Friday. Since then, he’s traveled back into the States and is currently in Milwaukee. However, he’s just posted a video update from his time in Canada. Here it is for your enjoyment. But first, here are a couple of news stories from: The New Hamburg Independent, and the Stratford Beacon Herald.

Boaz Frankel’s Un-Road Trip

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Picking up Boaz at the train

Boaz Frankel is traveling all over North America on what he’s calling the Un-Road Trip. He’s trying to use as many unique modes of transportation as possible without using a gasoline powered car. This past Wednesday, Mohrgan and I picked up Boaz from the Kitchener train station in our pedal powered pickup truck. We took him back to Bicycle Forest headquarters where Natalie was cooking up a dinner that couldn’t be beat.

Heading to the Bicycle Forest for the night

The next morning, after a breakfast that couldn’t be beat, we took Boaz outside to try a variety of bicycles.

Boaz tries the Treadmill Bike

Photo by Natalie Mullin

Some, like the Treadmill Bike, he was brave enough to try. Others, like this M5 Low Racer, he opted to examine from a safer distance.

Boaz checks out the M5 Low Racer

Photo by Natalie Mullin

Eventually, Boaz settled on a penny farthing and rode it down the Iron Horse Trail to Mohrgan’s house where we had the Family Truckster waiting. Boaz, Mohrgan, Ted and I pedaled together on the Family Truckster destined for St. Jacobs.

Police examine the Family Truckster

Photo by Natalie Mullin

Along the way, we were stopped by the police, but only because the officer was so intrigued by our fancy looking bike.

Family Truckster bound for St. Jacobs

Photo by Evan Nisenson

We followed the Trans Canada Trail all the way to St. Jacobs where we met with Glen who had ridden his horse and buggy all the way from Winterbourne. As the rain started falling, Boaz and Evan climbed onto Glen’s buggy and headed 30 km up the road to the Humphrey’s house in Phillipsburg.

Boaz rides a Mennonite buggy

Laurel and Neil Humphrey were wonderful hosts. They cooked us a fantastic dinner and put us all up for the night.

Breakfast at the Humphrey's

The next morning, after another breakfast that couldn’t be beat. Boaz and I hopped on the Couchbike and headed off toward Stratford. Along the way, we passed Wayne Muma in his truck. He was so curious to check out our bike that he went home, grabbed his own bike and pedaled out to see us. It was great to meet someone so enthusiastic about our trip and our mode of transportation.

Wayne Muma hitches a quick ride on the Couchbike

We pedaled the Couchbike to the home of Cyril and Meg who’d left a cooler out for us packed with snacks. We ended up staying there for a while as we were visited by the local newspaper and the CBC.

Boaz and the Couchbike on CBC news

The CBC put together this piece for the 6 o’clock news.

As the news report says, the next step on Boaz’s journey was a 70km tandem ride to London. Boaz and I headed off on the BikeE E2 recumbent tandem and Mohrgan showed us the way on a Dekerf singlespeed. We reached London at around 6pm. Mohrgan and I had to bid Boaz farewell there. You can follow Boaz’s Un-Road Trip at:

Brent and Boaz pedal the BikeE E2 recumbent tandem toward London

Photo by Evan Nisenson

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