Perfectly Balanced?

Choice Organic Teas, based in Seattle, WA has just come out with some promotional “Tea” shirts featuring the tagline “Perfectly balanced tea”. I was honoured that they asked to use my image on their shirts.

I find this especially flattering since I’m actually very much a novice on the unicycle. Most observers upon witnessing me in action would say that I’m anything but perfectly balanced. However, with my new Choice Organics Tea Shirt and a delicious cup of ginger herb tea. I feel like I’ll be ready for the circus in no time.

To learn more about Choice Organics check out their web site here.

Drinking perfectly balanced tea on a unicycle

One Response to “Perfectly Balanced?”

  1. Wood Artist Says:

    Wow. Drinking and balancing is a skill. I tried the unicycle years ago and could not do it. The last time I saw someone riding one was on the boardwalk in Venice, Los Angeles area. Glad to know it’s not a dying art.