Cross Country Checkup

Today, Gary and I were on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup.  The topic of the day was “different ways of exploring Canada”.  Gary was one of the invited guests.  He was asked to speak about our winter bike trip through the arctic.  I was also asked to speak about my Couchbike trip through the Maritimes.  Even though I had done the arctic bike trip with Gary, I was told to pretend that I didn’t know him when I called in.  This seemed understandable.  It might be confusing if they started mixing the topic of arctic cycling with couch cycling when speaking to a single person, so this would keep things simple.  What I didn’t realize, was that I was supposed to be phoning in as a random caller, not as an invited guest.  I actually happened to be in Central Park in New York City today, so I had to make the call from a pay phone there.  I was kind of taken aback when I was just thrown on the air and asked how I like to explore Canada.  It was awkward because I don’t think under normal circumstances I would call a nationwide radio show and recommend such an activity to the masses, but there I was.  You can listen to my part here:

Brent’s Part

Gary’s interview is here:

Gary’s Part

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