Blueberry Social

Couchbike assembly   Yesterday, we resumed our Couchbike trip in PEI. We began by reassembling the bike in the parking lot of the Tignish Cultural Centre and Community Library.  This large group of kids came by and took great interest in what we were doing.  We warned them that it could take us several hours to get the whole bike setup.  But they didn’t seem to mind at all. Some of the parents didn’t want the kids distracting us too much so they would sometimes step in and explain some things to the kids.  Once they discribed Eivind and I as “this boy and this man”.
That confused us, because Eivind is only one year older than I am. We wondered, “who’s the boy and who’s the man?”

Finally, to everyone’s delight, we got the Couchbike assembled.

Before hitting the Confederation Trail and riding East, we wanted to get to the tip of the island here on the West. So we left our luggage in Tignish and pedaled off to the North Cape.

On the way back, we passed through Norway, PEI. Of course we had to get a photo of Eivind by the Norway sign to send back to his friends in the real Norway.

  Couchbike group shot

Couchbike by the Norway sign

We got back to Tignish with a little time to spare before the Blueberry Social.  When the time was right, we entered the community centre and enjoyed some tasty baking as we watched a variety of musical performances by a talented group of adults and children.

Reading on the Couchbike

It was already dark by the time we left the Blueberry Social, but fortunately, for a change, that didn’t matter to us. Because we were riding on the Confederation Trail, we wouldn’t have to worry about vehicular traffic. The only reason we’d need any light was to read our map. We pedaled for a ways and then found a place to camp for the night.

Night time navigation on the Couchbike

So far, so good!

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