Tips for cyclists from a car driver

Natasha now has her G1 driver’s licence, so that pretty much makes her an expert. Here she is in the Pimped Out Rhoades Car expounding on how cyclists and drivers can learn to share the roads together.

Thanks to Craig Cardiff for the use of his songs. All tracks are from the album Stuck Up In Outerspace (1996), except for Craig’s cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ 1979 which is from Fistful of Flowers (2006).This is the extended version of the movie that will be shown on May 25 at the Bicycle Movie night at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

11 Responses to “Tips for cyclists from a car driver”

  1. Sam Says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I love it.

  2. Melissa Says:

    If I could get meat tossed at me just once, my life as a cyclist would be complete!

  3. dvd Says:

    Well done!!!

  4. Treadly and Me Says:

    I’m very glad that the Meat Thrower got mentioned in the credits. All too often the good work of Meat Throwers gets overlooked.

  5. Treadly and Me Says:

    Driver gives tips for safer cycling

    When you’re driving down the street and there are parked cars, be very careful not to hit the opening doors–this driver has had to replace hers three times!…

  6. shawn Says:

    Very nice.

  7. Tourezrick Says:

    Girl must have some buff legs pedaling that monster around!

  8. mestoll Says:

    I know that this is meant to be funny, but as a cyclist that has had many of those things happen to me, no thrown meat but yes thrown garbage. I fail to see the humor in it. The sarcasm failed on me. I would love to see this kind of energy focused on educating cyclists and motorists alike on how to better share the road. Support efforts like the Ride of Silence and when a motorist does something rude or obnoxious try to go out of your way to be nice to them. Being nice will drive them crazy and cyclists don’t become as bad as the few vehicle drivers out there that refuse to share the road.

  9. Timshel Says:

    Great work! All too true 🙂

  10. Dillweed Says:

    thank you.

  11. dave Says:

    No spinners? weaksauce.

    J/k funny stuff, nice stunt work too. I don’t know if I could suppress my survival instincts enough to do an intentional hood roll! 🙂