Touring the North Shore of Lake Superior

A wedding in Thunder Bay seemed like a good excuse for a bike trip.  Greg and I left Thunder Bay last Sunday and arrived back in Waterloo today. To cover the 1350km in seven days, we elected to travel light, carrying only minimal clothing and tools.  We mostly slept in motels and ate at grocery stores and restaurants.  We also meant to travel with Nat, who was doing the same route with full camping gear.  Unfortunately, tailwinds, an excess of macaroni salad, a Zellers belt, and a communication system consisting of Post-it notes left at random tourist information centres conspired to keep us apart until the last night of the trip when we met up with Nat on the Chi-Cheemaun ferry between Manitoulin Island and Tobermory.  Although Nat is a really great guy, with the furious pace that he set on our final ride through Southern Ontario, I realized that it might have been for the best that we did not spend the entire week with the pro cyclist and RAAM record holder.  All in all, it was a great week of cycling through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada.  Here are some photos from the trip.

East of Nipigon

Lake Superior descent Rossport

Wawa Lake

Young's General Store Old Woman Bay
Pictographs Greg and Brent at Agawa Rock
Greg, Brent, Nat Nat: Cycling Demon

2 Responses to “Touring the North Shore of Lake Superior”

  1. nat Says:


    It was great to ride a day with you guys anyhow.

    I came completely unglued yesterday, getting mild heatstroke and taking 8h to complete the second 145km of my ride into Chelsea.

    will be catching up with the Blogging soon


  2. Brad Graham Says:

    What a great ride, nice photos! I wouldn’t give up Ontario summers for any place, not even the tropics!

    Next time you are by this way, I will make sure we can connect.