29ers are so last year

Amazon Blonde 36er

I met Aaron Pidde of Blonde Fabrication at NAHBS in San Jose last year. Aaron would have been exhibiting this year had he not broken his hip a few months ago. He still came out to check out the show though. He showed me this crazy bike that he designed on BikeCAD Pro. I got a kick out of it, so I thought I’d post these photos. The bike is called the Amazon Blonde 36er and it has a pair of TA 4 ply 36 X 2 ΒΌ tires mounted to 36″ Airfoil double wall aluminum rims. At first, I assumed that this was purely a novelty bike and that no one would actually race on such a beast, but Aaron has actually raced it a fair bit. Apparently, it works really well. Too cool!

I think the photo below is hilarious. That 36er sure looks huge next to a normal 26″ mountain bike.

Amazon Blonde 36er

4 Responses to “29ers are so last year”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I didn’t even realize that it was a different wheel size. Perhaps thats because I bought a 36″ unicycle after renting the one from you, and its just “normal” for me now. Did you get to try it?

  2. Brent Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I didn’t get to try it. Aaron said he might have it out at the NAHBS show next year though. So I’ll look forward to taking a ride then.

  3. Gordan Says:

    just finnished building a wheel

    i was thinking where do you get rims/tires that big and spokes that long ; )


    75mm fork rake!!!

  4. Vladimir Says:

    Hi from Serbia

    I am interested longtime to build my own MTB with this kind of wheel..

    what are the full dimensions of those wheels and what are the knobyiest tires for those?
    are there 3 spike option?

    answers to fausst1@hotmail.com